Bubble Bath (Lit Farms) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)

Bubble Bath is a mostly indica variety from Lit Farms and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days) and outdoors. Lit Farms' Bubble Bath is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Lit Farms' Bubble Bath Description

Bubble Bath offers a subtle yet motivating high alongside an unusual but pleasant flavor and aroma profile. Though she possesses a sativa-dominant genetic profile, she maintains a small stature that makes her compatible with tight indoor spaces. Learn everything you need to know about this cultivar below.

History of the Bubble Bath Strain

Lost In Translation (LIT) Farms brewed up Bubble Bath in their massive industry-leading cultivation facility in rural California. Equipped with gigantic greenhouses, lengthy polytunnels, high-tech research and development rooms, and a huge car park for their growing team of employees, this generational cannabis breeding company has enough manpower and infrastructure to produce excellent cannabis genetics on a large scale.

LIT Farms inherited breeding techniques from their prestigious predecessors, and aims to prevent the essence of cannabis artistry from being lost in translation as time ticks by. Bubble Bath puts the company's ability on full display. The pungent terpenes within these buds have earned them slots on dispensary shelves, and a first-place win at the Emerald Cup Awards in 2023 helped to supercharge the strain’s popularity.

Genetic Lineage of Bubble Bath

LIT Farms managed to create an award-winning variety by carefully selecting parent genetics during the early stages of the breeding process. Get to know exactly where Bubble Bath comes from below.

Bubble Bath's first parent is The Soap. This strain stems from a collaborative project between Seed Junky Genetics and Berner’s Cookies, who joined forces under the Minntz brand. Together, their breeders crossed Animal Mints with Kush Mints to produce a lively sativa-dominant hybrid. With an average THC content of 16%, The Soap clocks in with a much smaller concentration than modern cultivars. However, armed with energizing and cerebral terpenes, her overall phytochemical profile exerts an uplifting, focused, and happy high that keeps users functional and alert. Each hit offers strong and unusual notes of mint, pine, and cheese.

While Bubble Bath's other parent doesn’t possess the most majestic name, Project 4516 has gained a dedicated growership following its creation by Grandiflora Genetics—Oakland’s premier cannabis brand. As the progeny of Gelato 45 and Puff, this cultivar produces a THC content of around 20% and imparts an uplifting high compatible with daytime use. These effects come hand in hand with flavors and aromas of flowers, earth, candy, and fruit.

Physical Characteristics of Bubble Bath

Despite her sativa-dominant genetic profile, Bubble Bath maintains a relatively small size throughout the growing cycle. However, the rest of her morphological characteristics slot comfortably into the sativa category; she possesses narrow leaflets, short internodes, and a rather lanky stature that makes her a good candidate for such training techniques as ScrOG and LST.

Bubble Bath produces small but dense colas that grow in tight clusters of pistillate flowers. Young plants possess a dark green exterior. However, her appearance takes a turn towards the dark side when she enters the late flowering phase. Exceptionally high levels of anthocyanin compounds produce a shade of deep purple that almost appears black in the right lighting conditions. This gloomy canvas helps to accentuate the dense layer of frosty trichomes that occupies her buds and sugar leaves.

Properties and Effects of Bubble Bath

Much like her parent strains, Bubble Bath churns out a moderate concentration of THC, which clocks in at an average of 16%. By modern standards, this might seem weak to many smokers. However, as modern cannabis science has demonstrated, THC doesn’t work alone to generate the subjective effects of smoked buds. Terpenes also play a significant role in steering the high, and Bubble Bath has plenty of them. Her buds are rich in myrcene, ocimene, and pinene. Myrcene adds a physically relaxing element to the high, whereas the rest of her aromatic constituents uplift the mind and inspire creativity. Overall, her subtle yet energizing effect makes Bubble Bath a true wake-and-bake companion.

Regarding aroma and flavor, Bubble Bath emanates notes of earthy pine and ammonia, rounded out with sage and a pleasant hit of lavender. Though not the most conventional flavor profile, Bubble Bash is appreciated by connoisseurs for its moreish complexity.

Uses of Bubble Bath

In a recreational setting, users enjoy Bubble Bath at all times of day. Its effects provide a blissful serenity that can enhance social gatherings, long walks, or low-key mornings during days off from work.

No studies have confirmed the purported therapeutic effects of Bubble Bath. However, anecdotal reports show that some users consume this strain in an attempt to manage the following symptoms:

• Anxiety

• Inflammation

• Fatigue

Given its moderate THC content, Bubble Bath is unlikely to cause major side effects when used in moderation. However, dry mouth and eyes, as well as anxiety and paranoia, can occur.

Cultivation and Production of Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath grows well both indoors and outdoors thanks to its reasonable size and impressive hardiness. Her brief flowering time of nine weeks makes her attractive to growers looking for a fast yield, as well as those that prioritize stealth above all else. Plants grown in small pots within tight spaces will reach around 100cm when trained using topping and LST. Those grown outdoors in large containers or directly in the ground will peak at around 120cm.

Keep plants fed with ample nitrogen during veg and higher quantities of potassium and phosphorus during the flowering stage. Frequent applications of liquid seaweed, fish emulsion, and worm tea will deliver macronutrients, trace minerals, and beneficial microbes. Applications of mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma when sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings will help to fortify the microbiome of your plants and reduce the chances of disease.

Once harvest rolls around, growers can look forward to very respectable yields of dark, crystalline buds both indoors and outdoors.

Bubble Bath: Dive Into This Blissful High

Bubble Bath offers a subtle yet uplifting high that is perfect for morning and daytime use. She’ll rev your creative engine while keeping your cognitive faculties intact. Alongside her motivating effect, she delivers unique flavors of pine, sage, and lavender, with hints of ammonia. Bubble Bath also treats growers to ample amounts of dazzling buds that look just as good on the plant as they do in a stash jar.

Bubble Bath (Lit Farms) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)
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